Trip to Kasese on Link Bus

Kasese has always been praised for its beauty, the great view of the mountains, the Equator and the National park, and the Lakes. Many remarks have been made about it being a very hot place. With this background, I chose to go and experience this first hand. On the D day, I woke up very early, excited about the journey ahead and picked up my bag which had been packed the day before, and jumped on a Boda from Namugongo to the terminal.

As it is nowadays, washing hands, temperature checks, and well-worn masks are a must on accessing the terminal gate. I moved to the booking office for a ticket and proceeded to the waiting pavilion as the bus loaded. Social distance is observed as directed by the Ministry of Health.

At 10 am, the sound of a microphone was heard, calling out Kampala to Kasese to get ready to set off, and also mentioned the bus number plate. I entered the bus and sat near the window behind the staff seats. The bus was really comfortable, with the windows opened to allow in the fresh air. I was so alert to capture every moment of my trip. After the first checkpoint, the inspector stood up with a gadget (Point of Sale Machine). He requested my ticket and I gave it to him, he pointed the gadget to the ticket and gave it to me. Because of my curiosity, I asked him what he was doing and he told me he was scanning to confirm if my ticket was valid. He told me that he was to do it to everyone on the bus. He said that the system they are using is very good and that Link got into a partnership with a ticketing company known as KaCyber Technologies. It offers a full electronic ticketing system and that is for both the bus operators and the passengers. The system not only serves the bus operators, but it also covers the train and the ferry.In short, KaCyber Technologies provides ticketing solutions to transport operators!!

We arrived at Mubende at 1:45 pm, a lot of eats at this point. I thought I was going to find a village with no good things, but to my surprise, Mubende is not what I thought. It’s another city full of life. We left for Fort Portal, I continued my conversation with the inspector about the E-ticketing system. He said that the system is going to help them in saving time especially when the passengers start to use the passenger app (KaCyber Go App). He quickly guided me on how to install the passenger app from the Google play store. The evening was fast approaching, the outside was calm, very beautiful and I can testify that I was not disappointed.

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