Trip to Kaiso on Link Bus

Started at the Link bus terminal in Kisenyi park

Link Bus leaving Kisenyi bus terminal

Link Bus leaving Kisenyi bus terminal

I planned my trip to Kaiso, a place I had always wished to travel to because of its beautiful features like the game reserve and the view of lake Albert that my friends had been telling me about. I woke up so early the next morning, excited about my trip, got myself ready in the shortest time, and moved out of the house.

I headed to the Kisenyi Link Bus terminal by 8:00 am. On reaching the gate, I was at tension for fear of the COVID19, mere glancing at the setup and arrangement of the terminal, with link staff smart in cream and green uniforms and the buses which were more than 20 looking new, the clean park, it rubbed off the fear. At the gate, I found a security guard who checked my temperature, sanitized me, and made sure my mask was on thus observing the SOPs. I was then given directions to the booking office.

At the booking office, the booking clerk told me the price, captured my details, and issued my ticket. It was a printed ticket, this surprised me because I was used to receiving manual tickets. I was so curious to know how this operates. Link Company stepped out of analog and went digital, the clerk encouraged me to download the app on my phone (KaCyber Go), open it, and then follow the booking procedures on my phone. It was interesting that when I put Kampala to Kaiso, the system showed Link bus and the cost of the journey. I can do my next booking without me coming to the terminal, I can prebook, it’s very safe and convenient. Big ups to you KaCyber for the wonderful innovation.

On entering the bus, I felt home away from home, the seat was comfortable. The television, dustbins, air conditioner, the USB port which was what l was most interested in since my phone’s battery was low. All passengers had followed the SOPs by keeping social distance and everyone’s mask on. Few minutes after sitting the conductor led us through a short prayer for our Journey and we set off.

We had a 10mins stopover in Bukomero for some eats and refreshments. Arrived in Hoima city, known as the oil city at 1:00 pm, and proceeded to Kaiso. On our way to Kaiso, we passed by the Kabwoya Game reserve. This is a hidden game of Albertine rift valley, it is a very interesting place with cool temperatures, beautiful view with many wildlife species like Uganda kob, buffalos, and chimpanzees, baboons, and monkeys. My eyes were entertained. We reached Kaiso at 3:00 pm and I asked a friend to tour me around the Kaiso landing Site. It was a good experience traveling by Link Bus, very swift.

My appreciation goes to Link Bus Company for the good services provided to passengers and for making our travel easier by partnering with KaCyber Technologies.

Blog by Monica Ahereza, a Mukiga that has moved cities in one country haha.

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