The whole moving thing started here with the Star Link Transporters

I did not know that Kanungu had another amazing place; that’s Kihihi. So adorable! People there are so welcoming.


Now the story begins.

It was really a beautiful day, calm and shiny. Do you remember those Christmas days when we were with that beautiful sun? That’s how it was. There I went to the terminal, booked my ticket with Star Link Transporters and this is because it was the only bus company taking that Kihihi route and to reach here I was helped by the barkers at the terminal (Kisenyi). I entered the booking office and what really amazed me, the bus company was using the POS machine to print out the tickets, a service hardly used by most of the bus operators in Uganda. For this, I was sure that I am safe and free to travel because it was genuine. You know curiosity killed a cat, but for me, it landed on something useful and this is where I got the time to ask the staff about the system provider and they were all like its KaCyber, and on this, I posted a question, what is KaCyber!? One replied and said it’s an IT company that provides ticketing solutions to transport operators like; bus, train, and ferry companies. Again I asked how useful was it to the company? One staff replied that it helps them in the quick balancing of the staff and it has also helped them to increase more sales. I wished to ask more about Kacyber but because the bus was about to leave the park, I became a little wise and asked where I could find more information. Marrion, the Starlink administrator, responded by writing on a piece of paper the company website: It is so simple that I can say it even when asleep!

From here the bus departed at around 9:30 am to Kihihi, another beautiful place in Kanungu. We traveled for 12 hours. We moved with UBF 966J and its Conductor is called John. We moved and the journey seemed to belong because I saw we took a long time to reach Masaka and it was really exhausting so I had to take a nap. From this point (Masaka) to Rukungiri I had no story to tell because I was half dead. Then from Rukungiri, we headed to one of the scariest parts called Omunengo at the Rukungiri border and from there it took us like two hours to reach Kihihi. We arrived in Kihihi town at 9:45 pm.

The following day we had to take a tour of Kihihi town center. Surprisingly, this place is at the border of Uganda and DR Cong and is a few meters away from Queen Elizabeth National park. People there are mixed up, Ugandan and Congolese.

Headed to Kihihi market. I think this is the biggest market in Kanungu District. It has different foodstuffs and shockingly, the food is at a low cost. The most selling food there is Matooke and Rice. The market is just within the City center and the city is not so crowded like our Kampala.

But before going there, I have a friend who used to mention that she comes from Kanungu, Kihihi, and in my mind, I have always thought of it as some isolated part in Uganda with fewer people. But to my surprise, the place is quite occupied.

Uganda is really a Pearl of Africa and KaCyber will always make it small Uganda, just as it makes the world a small one.

Blog post by Molly Nansubuga, Business Development Officer at KaCyber.

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