Mastulah’s first Flight to Namibia

It was the last month of 2013 when my two young siblings and I heard that we were joining my mum in Namibia (I still remember the joy and happiness we had for the first flight of our lives.

We absolutely had no idea that it would be hectic since we were so familiar with the taxis and Bodas in Kampala.

The day for boarding out of the country finally arrived, my big brother helped us with filling some papers at the checkpoint, we then entered the gate while waiting for the flight.

The Journey to Namibia

At this point everything seemed smooth and going well so far at Entebbe airport until we reached South Africa’s airport for the connecting flight (this is where the mess begins and had to activate the adult in me), we had an hour to sit in our gate and board off, the airport is big and it’s our first time in such a place, all we could see was people running up and down with passports and luggage. We were so overwhelmed and out of place. My young brother, Abdul (6 years old) wants to use the restroom, I leave my young sister, Kauthar behind (10 years old) thinking I will remember where I left her while coming back I forget where I left her it was so hectic that I wanted to cry asking around people, they told me different directions, I didn’t even know where the gates are, my brother started crying he wanted his mum, we spent 30 minutes looking for my sister, I just had to go for help from the flight attendants I saw pass by, her name was called via the loudspeaker and instructed to wait at any shop and the shop manager or owner would communicate where she is.

When we found her, the attendant helped us for the rest of the destination, from reaching the boarding gates to boarding the plane, to clearance at the Namibian, to getting our luggage and checking out.

Finally, we see our mum!

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