KaCyber Women in Fintech

Early Friday morning, teams of women in Financial Technology (Fintech) selected among 16 different companies gathered for the second season of women in fintech hackathon for seven days that was sponsored by HiPipo, Mojaloop, and other organizations, of course, the Queen techs of KaCyber also took part in the hackathon namely Nakisozi Mastulah Sarah, Nakacwa Fauzia lastly Nakanjako Brenda. Team KaCyber presented Kasente,  an online platform encouraging young people to save from as low as 500/=.

In six days, we got to learn a lot in order to build up ideas on how to come up with a better application and solution, for the first time, many teams got to know about mind mapping which made us be open-minded and explore more on the ideas we had for our projects. From problem statements to mind mapping to drawing a prototype with Powerpoint, Justinmind plus Adobe Xd and then having one on one sessions with different great inspiring women throughout the Hackathon.

Not only did we build Apps, but also come up with different ideas but we also empowered each other through different aspects of life as women in such a society of judgment and competition, this hackathon boosted confidence in women to stay passionate, committed, and determined.

Throughout all the sessions, we were facilitated, mentored, and guided by amazing, etiquette and inspiring (to say less) women and gentlemen namely Mrs. Cleopatra Kanyunyuzi (CEO of Club Tangaza also our role model), Innocent Kawooya (CEO HiPipo, Father of Fintech, Lord Mayor and to say less), Nicholas Kalungi (HiPipo Chief Operations Officer), Damali Ssali (CEO Ideation Corner) Simmon Kamya, Doreen Lukandwa (MFS Africa/Beyonic Vice President global enterprise), Primera Muthoni and George Kaskya.

Culminating the week-long Women-in-Fintech hackathon


Women in KaCyber at Méstil Hotel for Fintech Summit

Women in KaCyber at Méstil Hotel for Fintech Summit

Finally on the last day at Méstil Hotel is when participants were awarded certificates and the top six teams were announced after the presentation of each team’s project, which was before the last day. KaCyber Technologies wishes to congratulate team Kuzimba which was led by Ephrance Namugenyi upon the achievement and winning the Women in FinTech Hackathon Season 2. We wish you the best in your journey with Kuzimba to simplify access to professional engineering services and quality building materials.

We sincerely appreciate Mr. Innocent of HiPipo, Mojaloop, the #LevelOneProject for the consideration of women in such a technical digital environment which is helping a lot of young women countrywide to expose their technical ideas and solutions on digitizing Uganda.

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