KaCyber CEO nominated for Uganda Science Innovators’ Awards

Uganda is holding the National Science Week 2021. As part of this year’s National Science Week and World Science Day for Peace and Development celebrations, Science, Technology and Innovation, the office of the President launched the inaugural Uganda Science Innovators’ Awards 2021 to celebrate Ugandans’ innovation efforts, as well as inspire young innovators to activate their abilities and contribute to technology development in the country.

Under the Category of Mobility 18+ Years, is Entrepreneur Innocent Orikiiriza, Founder & CEO of KaCyber Technologies, a tech company providing transport operators with accountability tools for tickets issued & storing digital records for sales made. With KaCyber electronic ticketing system, transport operators can now plug income leakage gaps and passengers can now avoid long queues.

Thanks to all of you who voted for Innocent Orikiiriza — Digital Ticketing System for Uganda Science Innovators’ Awards 2021 under the Mobility Category. We appreciate your efforts towards the publicity of KaCyber’s innovation.

Visit KaCyber booth in the Mobility City at National Science Week happening this week 9–10.11.2021 at Kololo Independent Showgrounds.

Check details here

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