Helping transport operators close revenue leakages

Closing the gap and improving transport operators’ revenue collection

Public Transport operators in Africa lose a lot of revenue as untrustworthy staff charge money that is not recorded anywhere in the operator’s books, thus revenue leakages. Inno Orikiiriza founded KaCyber Technologies, a transport and logistics technology company that builds digital ticketing and payment systems for transport operators of buses, trains, and ferries. Mr. Orikiiriza says that he was motivated to innovate the electronic ticketing and payment solution after seeing that Uganda’s transport operators lacked reliable and cost-effective ticketing systems and were losing money due to manual ticketing mechanisms.

“Based on KaCyber’s transport sector survey and data analysis, bus operators lose 30 to 40 percent of their revenue when using manual booking systems,” Orikiiriza says.

Currently being used by the Uganda Railway Corporation (URC) on the Kampala commuter train and buses companies in Uganda including Star Link Transporters, Highway Coaches and Malayika Transporters, the digital solution has blocked revenue leakages and also enables passengers to book a travel ticket online, and only go to the bus or train station on their travel day.

“Our digital platform serves both the transporters and passengers; on the operator side, we provide Point of sale (POS) machines that allows instant ticket issuance and payment collection, as well as real-time sales reconciliation,” he explains.

He adds: “On the passenger side, we provide a mobile application for Android users and a ticket booking marketplace, where the public is able to book and pay for travel tickets of buses, trains and ferries.”

According to Mr. Orikiiriza, KaCyber Technologies implements LevelOneProject Principles as it does not compromise when it comes to security implementation in its product ecosystem. He notes that their products are developed with bank-grade security controls.

demos KaCyber POS system of transport ticketing

Innocent Orikiiriza, demos KaCyber POS system for transport ticketing

“We are lucky to have established strong partnerships with companies that comply with global payment standards at all levels. Our systems are connected to payment processors, banks, and mobile networks,” he says, adding that they are also in discussion with payment schemes and integrators that offer real-time payment settlements.

KaCyber Technologies is among the firms participating in the ongoing second edition of the 40-Days 40-FinTechs programme, held by HiPipo under its Include EveryOne programme, in partnership with Crosslake Tech, ModusBox and Mojaloop. Orikiiriza commended HiPipo for the programme, saying it will empower more startups to get cheap exposure to a wide network of potential partners at a local and international scale.

He, however, says that while the FinTech industry continues to grow on a global scale, startups in Uganda continue to struggle to bring their solution to market due to low tech adoption and limited resources to break through these barriers.

He notes that collaborations with the banks and telecommunications companies are highly needed now more than ever to create favorable platforms and allow Uganda’s FinTech industry to grow exponentially.

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