Experience traveling by Kampala commuter train

It launches like an earthquake.

Come and experience traveling by Kampala commuter train with Conscious Cyrus.

For so long, I had yearned to travel by train. It was a hilarious tour. My sister Tushabomwe Recheal works with KaCyber and so I rushed for an offer on one of the travel routes. Last Monday morning, I visited their office located along Parliament Avenue inside Ecobank Plaza. I had a crazy conversation with the KaCyber team was so excited to have a personal talk with their CEO (Innocent Orikiiriza)

He confirmed to me how “it takes 30 minutes from Kampala to Port bell (in Luzira) near my home, and requested me to use the train that evening traveling back home. No jam, no congestion on the train and it’s very cheap!! I got excited and began imagining myself on the train? That Monday evening at around 6:30, I hurried to the Kampala train station with KaCyber staff to travel from Kampala to Luzira. Unfortunately, it was already late and my phone had blacked out. It launches like an earthquake and I hug in shock since it was my first experience. The motorman put it to the clean rail’s. I quickly adjusted and fell in love with the whole experience. It looked like one tunnel at the copper mines in Kasese that I had visited years ago while in High School. Rail’s are both shiny and jagged at the same point, squeaking like a grinding machine in a steel rolling factory. Then it rolls on a very fairly smooth rail; it exclusively looks new with smart seats on the inside.

There is enough space and thus social distancing in respect to the COVID SOPs; sanitizers at every entry and a mask is a MUST. The coach crew has enough space to freely move around and verify passenger tickets using KaCyber’s ticketing system supplied to Uganda Railways Corporation. The crew also alerts passengers when they reach a station so they can on board or off-board. Everything is entirely unusual, my eyes did not settle at all. The tiny windows can’t tell what city and area you are in since I used the 7pm (close to curfew) train.

My sister Tushabomwe Recheal was the only person I interacted with and myself checking the smooth white-printed ticket. It’s too long that I could not look at the motorman. All my questions were answered by myself. We reached Luzira, at exactly 7.40 pm and the crew team directed us which way we could use to get to the main road…

Thanks to KaCyber Technologies and Uganda Railways Corporation for improving the passenger train experience and the services.

Story by Conscious Cyrus, a fun traveller

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