Congratulations to the Winners of our SimbulaNeKaCyber Challenge!

Thank you again to all who entered our #SimbulaNeKaCyber Challenge 2021 and to fans who voted for the interesting stories posted about different towns and cities in Uganda.

Something you should know about KaCyber is building transportation and logistics tech company building robust digital ticketing and payment systems for transport operators and their customers. At KaCyber, we also provide trusted and secure logistics services to SMEs. The #SimbulaNeKaCyber Challenge is meant to bring more fans and awareness about the beauty Africa has to offer.

When we planned this contest, we decided there would be 1 winning hometown story posted across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The platform variation was to keep the users from all major social media platforms in mind as we knew some fans might not be registered on all the 3 platforms. So as you might have guessed, we’ve outdone ourselves and decided to select a winner from each platform!. We just simply could not choose only one winner from all the three platforms. two of the stories and it just wouldn’t be a Mirror World project if we didn’t challenge ourselves!

With that in mind, we are proud to be able to announce the winners of our 2021 #SimbulaNeKaCyber Challenge!!

The published stories range from villages to towns and cities in Uganda. We’ve settled on the following Jinja, Kiboga, Nakayima in Mubende and Butambala (Kamuli) posted winning stories as vetted by the public through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

We hope you will consider reading more about all the stories published online via

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