Catherine, winner of the SimbulaNeKaCyber Challenge 2021 Home town story

A 2 hours drive from Kampala via Jinja there u meet the Nile and the famous bridge, straight up in the direction of Kamuli District leads you to my hometown.

Welcome to Kamuli District especially My home Town Butabaala! Welcome to Busoga the Land of Kyabazinga!

A place where the elderly, women and their children wake up as early as 5 PM to go attend to their gardens and the youth forging around life with other things ie chapatti making, boda-boda riding:

Leaving gardens before noon with food for lunch and supper along with their firewood to prepare it, it’s common they eat Sweet potatoes, cassava, matooke too among others! Fruits most commonly jackfruit others too. People living as extended families and very hospitable, treating all alien people especially this treatment you can't find everywhere!

Take a road trip!

The cool environment though that has been let down by deforestation and high illiteracy levels though makes me sad! Other than that all is well

It’s almost like there are few people around though!

Every house is at a distance. A safe place to move around at night almost everyone minding their business! When you leave the trading center and hag darkness is the scary part about the night because with the distanced housing light from a house is hard to see until you focus!

Story by Catherine, winner of the … SimbulaNeKaCyber Challenge 2021.

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