Bringing the digital divide with Growth Africa

Innocent Orikiiriza, the founder of Uganda’s @KaCyberApp which provides robust digital ticketing and payment systems to public transport operators of buses, trains, and ferries. 

Currently being used by the Uganda Railway Corporation (URC) on the Kampala commuter train and local buses companies including Star Link and Highway Coaches, the solution has blocked revenue leakages and also enables passengers to book a travel ticket online, and only goes to the bus or train station on their travel day.

“Our digital platform serves both the transporters and passengers; on the operator side, we provide a point of sale machines that allow instant ticket issuance and payment collection, as well as real-time sales reconciliation,” he explains.

He adds: “On the passenger side, we provide a mobile application for Android users and a ticketing booking marketplace, where the public is able to book and pay for travel tickets of buses, trains, and ferries.”

According to Orikiiriza, the company implements LevelOneProject Principles as it does not compromise when it comes to security implementation in its product ecosystem.

He notes that their products are developed with bank-grade security controls.

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