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Accelerating Africa’s Mobility Industry with Kiira Motors Corporation

Kiira Motors Corporation is making tremendous progress in developing Africa’s mobility industry at an astonishing speed!

Kiira Motors Corporation C.E.O Paul Isaac Musasizi (R) together with KaCyber Technologies CEO

Today, my passion for Africa’s transition to e-mobility led me to the remarkable Vehicle Manufacturing facility of Kiira Motors Corporation in Busoga. I was thoroughly impressed and motivated by the remarkable advancements and resolute dedication towards moving Africa forward in the realm of mobility.

Paul Isaac Musasizi and the team have ensured that the mere mention of e-mobility is now intertwined with Kiira Motors, leaving you with no choice but to take notice!

The continual advancements being made are clear indications that Kiira Motors is truly demonstrating the best of Ugandan capabilities and driving the mobility industry in Africa.

These ongoing infrastructure developments and products will cement Uganda’s reputation for excellence in the Mobility sector for many years to come.

We at KaCyber Technologies are thrilled to collaborate with Kiira Motors Corporation and local bus operators to bring about a sustainable and effortless transportation experience in Africa by digitizing bus ticketing and payment collections.

The gracious invitation and tour, along with the hospitable reception by C.E.O Paul Isaac Musasizi and his team, are greatly appreciated!

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