A Trip to Bwindi

Traveled on Highway Coaches bus registration number UBB 104F

It was a beautiful morning with clear clouds at around 7:00am when we all got set for the journey. My friend and I had been talking about a trip to Bwindi and this was a dream come true. We were so excited, we reached the bus terminal, presented the QR code of our e-copy of the tickets that we had purchased via the KaCyber website ( to the booking clerk who verified them by scanning with gadget. After he printed out our tickets on his machine and we were onboard the Highway Coaches bus registration number UBB 104F

Passenger inside a Highway bus

Passenger inside a Highway bus

An hour later we set off to another amazing place “Bwindi”. I requested for the staff seat because I knew it would be more fun when I am tracking my journey. Can you imagine I thought I would sleep up to Mbarara, but what’s funny I didn’t, oh no it’s unbelievable! We reached Mbarara when I was still awake. Mbarara city is really nice and very organized with its beautiful symbol of cow horns in the center of the city. I asked the conductor why that symbol and he told me that the symbol represents their culture, tribe, and norms. So we went through Rukungiri and headed for the beautiful mountainous yet scary corners especially Omunengo until we reached Kanungu. My friends call this place the United Kanungu (UK). The bus continued up to Bwindi and we booked into our hotel to rest after the long journey.

Did you know?!

Did you know you can plan your trip in advance without even going to the terminal? All you need is to Download the KaCyber Go app from the Google Play Store on your phone; you can also use the website: to book your bus ticket and just be ready to set off to your destination. The KaCyber Go app provides you with different bus companies, time of departure and their fares depending on the source and destination city selected in the app. This makes travel booking more convenient and the entire experience can really be amazing.

The next morning, we were up by 6am, freshened up, and had breakfast at Gorilla Friends. It’s really a beautiful place with good customer care. 

After our breakfast, one of the Highway staff organized for us the means of transport to use to the Bwindi National Park. We moved and reached the gate of Bwindi impenetrable national park where we both had to present our National IDs to the gatemen before proceeding inside the park. We enjoyed moments at  the park’s historical house, there were many tourists, officers and guides. The tour guides showed us the whole map of Bwindi impenetrable forest.

To cut the story short we were given a tour guide who took us through the park. Inside there, we saw the red monkeys,  from there we proceeded to the water streams and the water there was really clean. Everything there was natural, we saw different birds. The guide and tourist officers were really so friendly and we had a real life experience of the beautiful scenery which we used to see in the movie. The trees in Bwindi have beautiful canopies and the forest sounded cool.

I am telling you this journey was so amazing and with these Highway staff; Ibra the Senior Joker (turman), Kasozi (Inspector) Meddy (Driver) and Godwin (Conductor), it was really fun.

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