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Mobility Solutions

KaCyber offers powerful fare validation solutions and cloud-based access to a complete back office portal to manage and report on their operations in Africa.


Digitizing transport tickets ensures fluid and effortless ticket and card purchase. It has made it quicker and easier to access transport terminals.
In Digital transport solutions offer greater reach, improve customer experience, boost loyalty among regular users, and simplify local travel for occasional visitors and tourists.
Technical Recruitment
Solutions in screening of candidates, technical review, staffing & operations management and head hunting.


Why Work With KaCyber

Why should you invest in intelligent mobility and recruitment solutions  by KaCyber?


Solid Partnerships

We partner with global technology leaders to provide our customers with the highest quality services

Reference Projects

Linkages & Partners

Linking up and growing businesses that make the world work.


Service Specialists

Want to learn more about how we help clients in Technology, Media & Telecommuni­cations and pother sectors? We work with clients across the country to understand their unique hiring needs and challenges, as well as their own company culture.

Sectors & Industry

Recruitment & Technology

KaCyber can successfully transform your approach to talent acquisition and deliver measurable business results faster.

Investor Relations

Investor Relations Section

Cards on the table: In the investor relations section, you’ll find more information on the business model, corporate governance, and the most important reports available for download.

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